Since 2023, I am Assistant Professor for Political Behavior at the Department of Politics and Public Administration of University of Konstanz. My research covers questions of political behavior, preference formation, and the role of institutions in a comparative political economy perspective. Substantively, I have a specific interest in environmental politics and environmental behavior. I also have a strong interest in questions of political methodology, especially design-based inference with observational data and general population survey experiments, and have substantial experience in gathering survey data (e.g. within the Swiss Environmental Panel Survey). I am Co-PI (with Paul Thurner, LMU Munich) of a project funded by German Foundation for Peace Research on “The Comparative Legitimacy of Arms Transfers in Top-Exporting EU and NATO Countries” and I co-lead, with Vally Koubi, ETH Zurich, an SNF-funded project on “Climate Risk, Land Loss, and Migration: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment in Bangladesh”. My work is published or forthcoming in The Journal of Politics, the British Journal of Political Science, European Journal of Political Research, Nature Food, Journal of European Public Policy, Political Science Research and Methods, Journal of Peace Research and Political Behavior amongst others.

Before coming to Konstanz, from 2020 to 2022, I was Senior Research Fellow at the Geschwister Scholl Institute of Political Science of LMU Munich and Research Associate at the Center for Comparative and International Studies of ETH Zurich. From 2017 to 2019, I was Postdoctoral Researcher at the Center for Comparative and International Studies and the Institute of Science, Technology and Policy of ETH Zurich. I received my PhD from LMU Munich, Germany, in 2018. I was a visiting fellow at Duke University for the 2016 EITM Institute. I hold a Magister Artium (M.A. and B.A. equivalent) in Political Science, Intercultural Communication and International Law and a Bachelor degree (B.Sc.) in Economics, both from LMU Munich. Between my MA studies and my PhD studies, I worked for 2 years in development cooperation for a foundation (project management). I as well gathered work experience at a consultancy, with NGOs and a development agency.

My CV can be found here.





Dr. Lukas Rudolph
University of Konstanz
Department of Politics and Public Administration
Universitätsstraße 10, 78464 Konstanz, Germany

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